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Top Chef (season 5) was filmed in New York City. The judges remained the same as in Season 4, except with Toby Young filling in for Gail Simmons for half the season. Celebrity guest judges appeared in every episode. Hosea Rosenberg became the Top Chef, beating Carla Hall and Stefan Richter in the finale in New Orleans. The Fan Favorite was Fabio Viviani, who finished in fourth place.



  • Lauren Hope, 24 — Resides in: Savannah, GA (Hometown: Cincinnati, OH)
  • Patrick Dunlea 21 — Resides in: Hyde Park, NY (Hometown: Quincy, MA)
  • Jill Snyder, 28 — Resides in: Baltimore, MD (Hometown: Latrobe, PA)
  • Richard Sweeney, 27 — Resides in: San Diego, CA (Hometown: Sayville, NY)
  • Alex Eusebio, 33 — Resides in: Los Angeles, CA (Hometown: New York, NY)
  • Danny Gagnon, 26 — Resides in: New Hyde Park, NY (Hometown: New Hyde Park, NY)
  • Melissa Harrison, 28 — Resides in: Boulder, CO (Hometown: Sparks, MD)
  • Eugene "Gene" Villiatora, 33 — Resides in: Las Vegas, NV (Hometown: Whitmore Village, HI)
  • Ariane Duarte,41 — Resides in: Verona, NJ (Hometown: Verona, NJ)
  • Radhika Desai, 28 — Resides in: Chicago, IL (Hometown: Chicago, IL)
  • Jamie Lauren, 30 — Resides in: San Francisco, CA (Hometown: New York, NY)
  • Leah Cohen, 26 — Resides in: New York, NY (Hometown: Scarsdale, NY)
  • Jeff McInnis, 30 — Resides in: Miami, FL (Hometown: Niceville, FL)
  • Fabio Viviani, 30 — Resides in: Moorpark, CA (Hometown: Florence, Italy)
  • Carla Hall, 44 — Resides in: Washington, D.C. (Hometown: Nashville, TN) Runner Up
  • Stefan Richter, 35 — Resides in: Santa Monica, CA (Hometown: Tampere, Finland) Runner Up
  • Hosea Rosenberg, 34 —Resides in: Boulder, CO (Hometown: Taos, NM) Winner