The title of Top Chef is awarded to the winner of each season of Top Chef. The title is the same regardless of the version of the show; i.e. the winners of Top Chef Just Desserts and Top Chef Canada are also Top Chefs. The exception to this rule is the title Top Chef Master, which is granted to the winner of a season of Top Chef Masters.In the interests of fairness, each show's Top Chefs will be listed separately.

Second-place (and in some cases third-place) contestants (i.e. those who compete in the final challenge of that season) earn the title Top Chef Finalist.

Other contestants may add the honorific Top Chef Contestant (sometimes with their placing in the season; e.g. Top Chef 6th Place Contestant to their resumes, but not as a title. The exception to this rule are contestants who earned the right to return to the competition by winning their season's Last Chance Kitchen, a competition premiering in 2011-12's Top Chef (Season 9); these contestants earn the title Top Chef Last Chance Champion.

List of Top Chef MastersEdit

Name Place of
Rick Bayless Chicago, Illinois01 Masters
Marcus Samuelsson New York, New York 02 Masters
Floyd Cardoz New York, New York 03 Masters
Chris Cosentino San Francisco, California 04 Masters
Douglas Keane San Francisco, California 05 Masters

List of Top ChefsEdit

Name Age Place of
Season # QFW # EW
Harold Dieterle 28New York City, New York01 (San Francisco)21
Ilan Hall 24New York City, New York02 (Los Angeles)12
Hung Huynh 29Las Vegas, Nevada03 (Miami)41
Stephanie Izard 31Chicago, Illinois04 (Chicago)24
Hosea Rosenberg 34Boulder, Colorado05 (New York)12
Michael Voltaggio 30Pasadena, California06 (Las Vegas)23
Kevin Sbraga 30Willingboro, New Jersey07 (D.C.)11
Richard Blais 38Atlanta, Georgia08 (All-Stars)44
Paul Qui 31Austin, Texas09 (Texas)28
Kristen Kish 28Boston, Massachusetts10 (Seattle)14
Nicholas Elmi 32Philadelphia, Pennsylvania11 (New Orleans)
Mei Lin 28Dearborn, Michigan 12 (Boston) 1

List of Canadian Top ChefsEdit

List of Top Chefs from Just DessertsEdit